Conforming to HTM 2030

Test Soil for Anaesthetic Accessories
and Flexible Endoscopes
For Use with   Recipe Safety Data Sheet
Flex End AA test soil 250ml Soil bottles opt     
Anaesthetic Accessories
Flexible Endoscopes
250ml of soil

Mixed in proportion to HTM 2030 recipe

50ml Sterile water
30ml Chemically pure Glycerol
30ml Horse Serum
5g Dehydrated Hog Mucin
2g Unbleached Plain Flour
1ml of 2% aq.Safranine solution

      SDS Endo soil

Includes: Thermally Insulated Box and Ice Pack

Storage Conditions: 

One month from manufacture when refrigerated between 2oC and 5oC or 12 months when frozen between -15oC and -30oC