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SQ-Pro Steam Test Elbows are manufactured from 316L Stainless steel. The standard surface finishes are 0.5 Ra for the tube and 0.8 Ra finish for the tee and ferrules.
Post manufacture they are mechanically highly polished.  Electro-polishing and Passivation is also available on request. The maximum working pressure is 10 bar. Hydrostatic pressure test certification at 15 bar is available on request.

All test measurements and samples should be taken from a test elbow connected in line with the steam supply to the autoclave/SIP etc.  They should be orientated horizontally (left or right). 

They can be supplied as:

1. a permanent installation (including the 3 test points) by pipework contractors during the installation.

2. a temporary installation with 'Test Elbow' fitted to the plant when required for testing. This is useful when multiple plant (sterilizers/SIP) are to be tested.  Elbows without the test points are then fitted to the installations during normal processing.

Test Elbows are available to order in various sizes and connection types. Details below.


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SQ Pro Steam Test Elbow Table