STP Wrap STP Wrap with ariel STP Wrap lifted



Conforming to EN 285, EN 13060, CFPP 01-01 and HTM 2010

Part No. 246

The Standard Test Pack Wrap turns a fiddly and frequent operation into a simple and easy-to-use procedure.  The STP Wrap is designed for use with the EN 285 Standard Test Pack.  EN 285  requires that, before use, the Standard Test Pack be compressed by hand, wrapped in a similar fabric and secured with tape that is no more than 25 mm wide.

The Standard Test Pack Wrap is made in the shape of a St George's Cross so that bunching at the sides and top is eliminated.  Ties and loops remove the need to use autoclave or masking tape to hold the pack together and allow an even compression of the pack.  A handle allows the pack to be moved easily when transporting or placing in a sterilization chamber.  Eyes are fitted at the top of the wrap to attach the free space temperature thermocouple aerial firmly in the correct position using the 50 mm height guide when performing small load thermometric tests.  The Standard Test Pack Wrap is made from 100% pre-washed cotton.  The material is manufactured to be same specification as that of the sheets used to make up the Standard Test Pack.

It is used for performing a Bowie and Dick test, Small load Thermometric test, Full Load Thermometric test and Air detector test.

As with all Dekon Solutions products the sheets are designed to aid the testing engineer/technician.