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Steam Quality Testing has been an EU requirement for many years (EN 285) and has been adopted by many other countries and the world's pharmaceutical environment. It is a requirement in the UK according to HTM 01-01 (Steam Sterilization) being the successor to HTM 2010. 

The cleanliness of steam (Clean Steam) was recommended to be adopted in the UK NHS by Health Technical Memorandum 2031 and in the European Union by EN 285. These documents provide limits for chemical impurities. HTM 2031 also provides a limit for the level of Bacterial Endotoxins (Pyrogens).  HTM 2031 was succeeded by HTM 01-01 (Steam Sterilization).

The SQ-Pro Steam Quality Test Kit range was developed to enable engineers to provide reliable and efficient testing without the need for bulky or difficult to use equipment.

The equipment can be set up ready for use in a few minutes.

Dekon Solutions Ltd provide various combinations of Steam Quality Test apparatus to measure Non-Condensable gases, Dryness Value, Superheat and the extraction of steam condensate for laboratory analysis.

Option D Kit provides all the components required to perform Steam Quality Tests and Steam Sampling.  Engineers can arrive on site without the need to carry additional specialist components or tools.
Full calibration of thermometer, electronic balance and Non-Condensable Gas volumes are included with Option D at no extra cost.

In order to collect steam condensate for analysis of Bacterial Endotoxins all the components that come into contact with the sampled steam require de-pyrogenation in an oven.
The SQ-Pro Clean Steam condenser (Sanitary Cooler) was designed specifically for this purpose.

SQ-Pro Steam Quality Test kits are robust, efficient, comprehensive, self-contained, convenient, easy to use and deliver repeatable results.

Use of the SQ-Pro Steam Quality Test kit helps to guarantee meeting your regulatory requirements quickly and easily.

Steam tests should be carried out using the correct test points as described in EN285.  More guidance on Steam Quality test points