HTM 01-01, HTM 01-06, HTM 2010 and HTM 2030 require that complete and accurate records be kept to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of Sterilizers and Washer-Disinfectors. Two sets of records need to be kept:

*     A plant history file

*     A process log

Our log books have been developed by experienced Competent Persons (CPD) to assist personnel to keep the records to the requirements of relevant documants.  Sufficient forms for one year are included to enable the User, Competent Person (D) to note data for periodic testing up to and including annual/revalidation tests.

Advantages of our Log Books:

   *     Cycle data in easy to read columns

   *     They are designed so that data can be easily interpreted for compliance to relevant standards

   *     All log books have a similar format

   *     Direct Overlay Cards to enable direct Test Data to Validation Data Comparison

   *     A Year planner is included to keep track of maintenance and test schedules

Forms included are:

   *     Front cover references preface

   *     Plant History reference and contents sheet

   *     Log book information references

   *     Test schedules sheet

   *     Direct overlay comparisons sheets (validation data)

   *     Daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly test forms

   *     Maintenance and Test record and planner sheets

   *     Modification and repair record sheet