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This Steam Quality Test Kit provides the basic components to enable the measurement of Non-Condensable Gases, Dryness Value and Superheat.

Part No. 3073

Items included in the kit:

Carry case
Tripod assembly

Non-Condensable Gas Apparatus (includes fitted type 'T' thermocouple)
Superheat expansion tube
Dewar flask
Flask stopper, dip tubes & connecting tube
Measuring cup and flask holder
Pitot tubes 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1.0mm (BSP, NPT or triclamp)

          Reel of PTFE tape
6mm push fit tube weights
Water connection elbow ½” BSP x 6mm push fit
Steam connection elbow ¼” BSP x 6mm
NCG air-break device
5m x 6mm red tube
5m x 6mm blue tube
Flexible steam hose
Memory Stick with Instruction Manual and Calculations on spreadsheet
The customers choice of this kit assumes that:

  1. The sampling of steam for laboratory analysis is not required.
  2. Traceable calibration is not required.
  3. The customer has components as below that compliment this kit:
  1. Indicating or logging thermometric equipment configurable for type 'T' thermocouples
  2. Suitable type 'T' thermocouples for steam line entry, flask, superheat and NCG temperature measurement connecting cable
  3. Indicating or logging electronic balance
  4. Means of inserting and sealing a type 'T' thermocouple (customers) into the steam line (sealing gland)