Standard Test Pack for Large Steam Sterilizers STP Positions sheet low res opt
Thermocouple Sensor Positioning Sheets availble separately as Part No. 3018

Conforming to EN 285, EN 13060, CFPP 01-01 and HTM 2010


It is used for performing:

Bowie and Dick test
Small load test
Air detector tests
Load dryness test
Full load test with other materials
Steam Quality tests

When the Test Pack is required for continual testing (IE. multiple performance tests), we recommend that you purchase two or three packs. 
This is because the towels will require equilibration of temperature and humidity and this can take approximately 1 hour between tests.

The sheets are made from 100% bleached cotton sheets.  38 are supplied to enable a pack to be formed. The towels should be washed to remove dressing before being used as required by EN 285: 2006, 24.1.  Sheet size 120cm x 90cm.
The packs should be wrapped in similar material (Dekon Solutions STP Wrap available - Pt. No. 246)

The packs are available pre-washed and folded ready for use.

Part No. 3223 - Laundered Standard Test Pack of 38 sheets

Part No. 654  - Unlaundered Standard Test Pack of 38 sheets

Part No. 3019 - Standard Small Load Test Pack of 38 sheets including 3 Sensor Positions Sheets

Standard Test Pack Laundry Advice

Standard test packs are a REUSEABLE ITEM that may be used for testing continuously if the other requirements in current EN285 are met.
Environmental aspects regarding laundering intervals as well as means for cleaning and conditioning must be considered.

The test pack sheets shall be washed when new or soiled and shall not be subjected to any fabric conditioning agent during the laundering process.
IMPORTANT - Fabric conditioning agents are likely to affect the characteristics of the fabric and may contain volatiles which will contribute to the non-condensable gases in the sterilizer

The period between laundering will depend upon many factors including frequency of use, how clean the steam supply is, how solied the sheets are and if they have become hard or flattened.  The efficacy of the sterilization testing processes depends on these to entrap air correctly.


Test Pack History:

The Standard Test Pack origin lies back in 1963.  It was developed by in by Dr J Bowie and Mr J Dick in Bristol, UK and published in the 'Lancet' journal.

The Bowie and Dick tape test was made from 29 to 36 huckaback linen towels. Each towel was folded in half four times then stacked to a height of approximately 270mm high (10.5in). An A4 size sheet of paper with chemical indicator tape in the pattern of a diagonal St. Andrew's cross was placed horizontally in the center of the pack.  

In late 1970, 100% cotton surgical towels were introduced as an alternative to the huckaback towels.
A pre-printed chemical indicator sheet was also developed as an alternative to the St. Andrews' cross.

Alternative forms of the Bowie and Dick test:

Re-useable perforated plastic sheets with pre-printed center paper sheet
Single use paper packs with pre-printed center paper sheet
Re-useable electronic devices

Although other forms of devices are available, not all are able to be used for all purposes, so the Standard Test Pack remains the the most versatile.