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1/4" BSPM Feedthroughs


3/4" BSPF Feedthroughs

Feedthrough for Instrument Containers
  Feedthrough Accessories




Our Feedthrough/Entry glands are compact, robust and provide excellent sealing properties.

They are the ideal solution for gaining entry to the chambers of Large Sterilizers, Vacuum Benchtop Sterilizers, Washer-Disinfectors and Surgical Instrument Containers.

Available in both 1/4" BSP male and 3/4" BSP female.  Adapters can be supplied to connect to a variety of hygienic triclamp fittings

Both versions include an additional 1/4" BSP female pressure measurement entry point as standard

The glands will accommodate up to 12 cables for 1/4" version and 30 cables for 3/4" version (depending on cable size).

The 1/4" version is also available with a tightening bar (without pressure port).