Dekon Solutions Ltd was born from expertise grained from sterilizer manufacturing and Health Authority Validation.
We provide technical services and products for Validation of decontamination equipment to the Pharmaceutical, Health and Bioscience sectors.

In September 2013 Dekon Solutions acquired the on-going specialised validation product portfolio and Intellectual Property rights from SVMS Ltd.

In May 2022 Dekon Solutions became Dekon Solutions Ltd
Our continuing goal is to provide our clients with professional innovative validation products to aid the testing process for both decontamination equipment users and engineers in order to achieve the highest standards.

Services include


Innovative Testing products include:

Steam Quality Performance Testing
Certified Training for SQ-Pro Steam Quality Test Kits
Traceable calibration of Pressure, Temperature, Small Mass,
Small Volume and
Time instruments


SQ-Pro Steam Quality Test Kits
Standard Test Packs
Standard Test Packs Wraps
Standard Test Pack Carriers
Bench-top Test Packs

Steam Samplers (condensers)
Washer Disinfector Test Kits
Feedthroughs (also known as Thermocouple glands)
Metal Load Dryness Kits